L J Emmett Building Pty Ltd was founded in 2006 by Luke and Caroline Emmett

Luke is an award winning craftsman and member of the Master Builders Association of Tasmania

Luke first entered the building industry in 1994 when he took up an apprentiship with Gordon Ibbott where he spent the first 12 months in the joinery workshop and the next three years working onsite.  After completing his apprentiship Luke moved into sub-contracting with Tim and Brett Mead before taking a full time job with Fairbrother Pty Ltd.  Luke rose quickly through the ranks at Fairbrother soon becoming site foreman for multimillion dollar projects.

In 2006 Luke bit the bullet and started his own building business operating as L J Emmett Building Pty Ltd.  Since then Luke has built 16 new homes, completed a number of substantial renovations and has undertaken numerous commercial projects.

Since its inception L J Emmett Building Pty Ltd has employed four apprentices, two of them now run their own business.